• What's Sticky Shell?

Sticky Shell is a small brand, established in 2018, that produces console skins, accessories, gadgets and collectibles videogame related.

    • About your skins?

Sticky Shell skins are printed at the highest quality on Avery Dennison™ vinyl, laminated with Avery Dennison™ matte lamination and cutted with very high precision on a MIMAKI CJV 150-160 plotter. Below are the characteristics of the film:

● 160 micron thickness (including matte lamination).
● Easy Apply technology allows air to escape ensuring bubble free application
● Repositionable Slidable™ technology allows the film to remain detached from the surface until pressure is applied
● Adhesive ensures residue-free removability even over the long term
● Matte lamination protects the print and gives more body to the skin making it even easier to apply

All skins are easy to apply, protect your console from scratches, bumps and fingerprints, do not affect dissipation and, most importantly, do not release glue upon removal.

Please note 1: skins are cutted to be placed easily and applied by pressure, so they should NOT be stretched/tightened or heated with a hair dryer UNLESS to finalize the application on certain curves, as explained in the tutorials. 
Nota bene 2: like any sticker, Sticky Shell skins hate dust and tend to change their shape when hit by heat sources. Keep in mind that if you have placed your console inside a cabinet, in all likelihood the sticker on the skin will rise near curves and sides due to the stagnation of heat produced by the console itself and will fill with dust, thus losing its effectiveness!


    • How to apply a skin?

Applying a skin is really simple and affordable for everyone!
The only rule to follow is to clean your console thoroughly with the pads soaked in isopropyl alcohol that come with each order.
For the rest, all it takes is a little "muscle memory" and manual dexterity. We've all had a sticker album, right?
Follow carefully what is written in the instructions that you can download on the product page of the console for which you purchased a skin.


PlayStation 4 FAT / SLIM / PRO
Nintendo Switch - Dock
Nintendo Switch - Dock (SS)
Custom Shell

Display Stand per controller - Ghsot of Tsushima Limited Edition (ITA)
Display Stand per controller - Shinra 1ed Limited Edition (ITA)
Display Stand per controller - UCA 1ed Limited Edition (ITA)


Remember: the adhesion of the skin on your console is closely related to the cleanliness of the surface of the console. So try to avoid applying your beautiful new skin to a console littered with dust hair!

Better safe than sorry!


    • How to remove a skin?

Removing a skin is very simple. Whether you have been applying it for 5 minutes or 6 months, it makes no difference. The characteristics of the film allow you to remove it easily without damaging the console. You can remove it cold by gently proceeding one piece at a time, without tugging, or hot, after heating it with a hair dryer. Doing so will make removal even easier.


    • ABOUT // Materia Bracelet (1) and Materia Bracelet (1) 3.0

You don't need to apply too much force to put this bracelet on, although the adjustable clasp may feel a little hard. Try not to pull it with too much force or the knot on the opposite end of the bracelet from where you're pulling may come loose, even though it's tight!

Please note: There is only one way to put the bracelet on correctly, and it is described in the instructions. Sticky Shell will no longer refund or replace the bracelet if the customer improvises and breaks it by trying to close it the incorrect way, using more force than necessary.


    • ABOUT // Materia Slot (1) 3.0

It is normal for the back of the Slot to wear out or get scratched over time, so don't worry.
It is highly recommended (if not mandatory) to use the metal pick (or any hard flat surface in place of the metal pick) to detach the Slot from the bracelet.
Trying to remove a Slot from the bracelet with bare hands may damage the bracelet itself.
Sticky Shell will not refund or replace the item should the above occur.


    • ABOUT // Metal pick keychain

It is normal for the metal pick to slightly bend over long time from using it to detach a Slot from the bracelet.


    • INSTRUCTIONS // How to wear a Materia Bracelet (1) 3.0

Simply do the following: open the bracelet to its maximum extension. Put it on by turning the wrist and knot of the clasp upward. Hold the longer lace with the two fingers of the same hand and finally pull the shorter lace in the opposite direction of the longer lace. By doing so, the bracelet will close easily without stressing the knots.
Please note: There is only one way to put the bracelet on correctly, and it is described in the instructions. Sticky Shell will no longer refund or replace the bracelet if the customer improvises and breaks it by trying to close it the incorrect way, using more force than necessary.


    • INSTRUCTIONS // How to equip a Materia Slot (1) 3.0

Slip the Slot into the seat at an angle by pressing against one of the two slats so that, as it retracts, it allows the Slot to enter. Then press downward to safely secure it on the bracelet.


    • INSTRUCTIONS // How to unequip a Materia Slot (1) 3.0

Perform this operation when you are not wearing the bracelet. Hold the bracelet, keep your thumb on the Slot to prevent it from popping off, and then insert the pick under the Slot as far as it will go. Gently pry it toward you until the Slot pops out. If you feel excessive resistance, rotate the bracelet by 180 degrees and repeat the operation. Sometimes this operation is only successful on one side!


    • Refund/replacement of customer-damaged bracelets

Please note: There is only one way to put the bracelet on correctly, and it is described in the instructions provided in every order and described in these FAQs. Sticky Shell will no longer refund or replace the bracelet if the customer improvises and breaks it by trying to close it the incorrect way, using more force than necessary.





    • List of consoles

This is the list of devices on which you can apply our skins:

​PlayStation 4 FAT
PlayStation 4 SLIM
PlayStation 4 PRO CUH-7000/7200*

PlayStation 5
New Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Switch - Dock
Nintendo Switch - JoyCon SX
Nintendo Switch - JoyCon DX
Nintendo Switch - Pro controller
Nintendo Switch LITE

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X


    • Unsupported devices

To prevent possible aesthetic damage to your consoles, we at Sticky Shell urge you not to apply our skins to Limited Edition consoles that have screen printed or engraved images or logos and to consoles with a glossy finish. All of our tests were performed on standard consoles. Sticky Shell assumes no responsibility if the customer decides to proceed anyway with the application of one of our skins on a console that differs from a standard model. If you have any questions, please write to us at




    • LIMITED EDITION [discontinued]

Sticky Shell's LIMITED EDITION skins are skins with a twist.

The idea is to use special textures or colorations, printed text, stickers or 3D inserts to evoke the game world being referenced. This creates a one-of-a-kind product, almost a work of art.

These skins are usually produced in limited numbers!


    • CUSTOM SHELL [discontinued]

Custom Shells are fully 3D printed faceplates designed to fit perfectly on the DOCK and totally change its appearance without the need to disassemble it!

They are designed to easily snap on and off the "face" of the DOCK. They are customizable with classic adhesive skins or custom prints.

But the special feature of the Custom Shells are undoubtedly the Limited Edition versions. Our graphic designers designed the shells inspired by Nintendo's most famous titles, and our workshop materialized the idea by creating true one-of-a-kind collectibles! You won't find anything like it anywhere else, Custom Shells are a unique and original Sticky Shell product.




1: AVOID CLEANING YOUR CONSOLE WITH CLEANING PRODUCTS! Especially in the case of Nintendo Switch skins (see Nintendo statement), it is STRONGLY forbidden to use alcohol-based solutions or any other cleaning products on the console's plastics. These products will corrode and weaken the plastic. If you apply an adhesive of any workmanship to a plastic that has been weakened, upon removal the adhesive could take away the lacquered finish of the plastic or even fragments (albeit very small) of the plastic itself.

2: APPLY THE SKIN COLDLY in a cool environment, AWAY FROM THE SUN LIGHT. Films are susceptible to heat, remember?

3: APPLY THE SKIN IN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT! The skin's adhesive does not get along with dog and cat hair!

4: WASH YOUR HANDS WELL to avoid getting the adhesive dirty.

5: DON'T RUSH! Applying an error-free skin flawlessly is delicate work. Take your time and follow the instructions to the letter.



6: DO NOT REMOVE THE SKIN HARSHLY and do not do the removal in one motion by sending the skin into tension, this can also cause cosmetic damage to the plastic of your console. Instead, if you heat the skin with a hair dryer, you will soften the glue and the skin will come off gently without resistance.



7: DO NOT IMPROVISE! Always follow our advice.

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