• What's Sticky Shell?

Sticky Shell is a small brand born in 2018 that designs and manufactures vinyl skins for gaming consoles.
Its mission is to create skins with multiple colors and textures, easy to install and remove, unique and original, using premium materials and professional printing and cutting machinery.
A peculiarity of the Sticky Shell brand is the creation of LIMITED EDITION skins (limited production, numbered pieces) which aspect will try to reconnect as much as possible to the reference game world thanks to the help of digital printing, stickers or inserts of plastic or other materials!


    • What kind of vinyl do you use?

Sticky Shell skins (simply "Sticky Shell") are precisely carved from different types of quality films from brands such as ORACAL, 3M, HEXIS and ARTESIVE.
All skins are easy to apply, protect your console from scratches, minor accidental bumps and fingerprints, do not affect dissipation and, above all, do not release glue on removal.
The skins carved from ARTESIVE films are labeled with the word "SS" (Spessore Superiore; Superior Thickness). These films, particularly suitable for the various PlayStation models, are about 200 microns thick and are even easier to apply.

Note 1: The skins are carved to be positioned easily and applied by pressure, therefore they must NOT be stretched / pulled or heated with the hair dryer IF NOT TO complete the application on certain curves, as explained in the tutorials.
Note 2: Like any adhesive, a Sticky Shell hate dust and tend to change their shape if affected by heat sources. Keep in mind that if you have placed your console inside a cabinet, most likely the adhesive of the skin will rise near the curves due to the stagnation of the heat produced by the console itself and will fill with dust, thus losing its effectiveness!


    • How is an Installation Kit like?

The Installation Kit supplied with each order contains instructions for installing the skin in PDF format (they will be sent to you at the time of shipment, please be sure to take a look at them), a pair of pads soaked in isopropyl alcohol useful for cleaning the surface of each console and a plastic card that will allow you to spread the skin more easily without creating air bubbles.


    • How do I apply a skin?

Applying a Sticky Shell is really simple and affordable for everyone!
The only rule to follow is to carefully clean the console with one (or both) of isopropyl alcohol pads that are supplied with each order.
For the rest, a little "muscle memory" and manual skills are enough. We all had a sticker album, didn't we?!
Open the instructions and carefully follow the progressive numbering. Install the various parts of the skin in increasing numerical order being careful to stay parallel to the sides! That's all!

  • ARTESIVE vinyl films ("SS" tag): If you make a mistake, carefully remove the foil without stretching it too much and start again. The adhesive of these skins does not set immediately and gives you time to detach them and try again in case of error. Do you struggle to remove the film? Heat it slightly with the hair dryer, it will come off more easily.

  • Every other vinyl films: handle them carefully because they tend to be thinner than the "SS" films. 

If you really feel lost, you can visit the Sticky Shell YouTube page. There you will find video tutorials that will show you how to apply and remove skins in a few simple steps!


PlayStation 4 FAT / SLIM / PRO

Remember: the adhesion of the skin on your console is strictly linked to the cleaning of the surface of the console itself. So try to avoid applying your new and beautiful LIMITED EDITION skin on a console sprinkled with dust and ... dog hair!


    • How do I remove a skin?

Removing a skin is very simple.

[APPLICATION PHASE] If you have just applied the skin or part of it and made a mistake or are not satisfied with its positioning, you are still in time to try again as many times as you want! Get a cutter or tweezers (or your nails!) And gently lift the corner of the part of the film you want to remove. Then slowly peel it off in small portions without pulling it (it could deform and lose the perfect fit). Pay close attention to all the parts with any carved logos (front and top of the PS4) because the structure of the film in those points is weaker and could "tear".
[TOTAL REMOVAL] If 24 hours or more have passed since the application, then the adhesive is already doing its job to ensure a firm grip on your console!

  • ARTESIVE vinyl films ("SS" tag): To remove every small, narrow and long parts, there is no need for any particular technique since the affected surface is minimal and the adhesive will not make too much resistance. As for larger surfaces (top left and right of the PS4 FAT and top of the PS4 PRO) or shiny surfaces (top left of the PS4 FAT first model), use an har dryer to heat the film. This will soften the adhesive and make the removal easier.
  • Every other vinyl films: heat the film with the hair dryer to softer the adhesive part and then remove it slowly bit by bit. During a perfect removal the film should not make any resistance!





    • Console list

This is the list of consoles (and related accessories) on which you can apply skins:
PlayStation 4 FAT
PlayStation 4 SLIM
PlayStation 4 PRO CUH-7000/7200*
New Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Switch - Dock
Nintendo Switch - JoyCon SX
Nintendo Switch - JoyCon DX

Please note: Sticky Shell does not produce skins for Nintendo Switch main machine front and back parts.

* check this photo to find out which PS4 PRO model you own!


    • Prices
All PlayStation 4 LORE COLLECTION costs 30,00* EURO, shipping costs are not included.
All PlayStation 4 LIMITED EDITION costs 40,00** EURO, shipping costs are not included.
* the price includes 1x full console skin and 1x full controller skin.
* the price includes 1x full console skin and 1x full controller skin + various extra goods specific to the LIMITED EDITION.


ARTESIVE SKINS (Superior Thickness)


    • Matte

Matte films are "grainy" to the touch and recall the plastic aspect of the PlayStation 4 chassis. With one of these films, you will seem to have simply repainted your console!

Finish: matte
Thickness: 200 microns (0.2mm)
Tactile texture: yes
Tactile sensation: 50%


    • 2D Texture

The 2D Texture films, unlike the 3D Textures, have a light embossing that makes them slightly rough to the touch.

Finish: matte / gloss
Thickness: 200 microns (0.2mm)
Tactile texture: yes (light)
Tactile sensation: 20%


    • 3D Texture

3D Texture films cover all those embossed materials that give a "3D" feel to the touch. We therefore have materials such as fake wood / leather / steel, marble, carbon fiber and many others.

Finish: matte / gloss
Thickness: 140 ~ 200 microns (0.14 ~ 0.2mm)
Tactile texture: yes
Tactile sensation: 80%




Sticky Shell’s LIMITED EDITION skins have an extra gear.
The idea is to use particular textures or colors, printed texts, stickers or 3D printed inserts to recall the game world to which it refers. This creates a unique product of its kind, almost a work of art.

These skins are usually produced in limited numbers!



LORE COLLECTION skins have no particularity. They are composed of both gloss or matte films and 2D / 3D textures. They have no extra accessories.
They are simply our personal selection / advice for those who want to decorate their console by mirroring the aesthetic canons of a specific video game.
For example, a "shiny intense black" skin recalls the tar in Death Stranding. A wood or leather skin is perfect for Red Dead Redemption 2. "Aged / rust cement" is perfect for any post apocalyptic video game!